For Our Families And Our City Beautiful

As a husband and father, I am running for re-election as your Coral Gables Commissioner to ensure a safe and prosperous future for my family, your family, and our City Beautiful.  In my first year in office, I have worked to establish myself as a public servant who is open and accessible to our residents, who will fight to protect and enhance our quality of life, who is diligent and fair, and who will serve you with integrity and reason.  I humbly ask for your support in seeking re-election to a full term as your Commissioner.

As your Commissioner, I will:

  • Enhance our City Parks and promote green spaces
  • Continue fighting to Implement Traffic Calming measures
  • Prioritize Smart Development and Protect our Residential Neighborhoods
  • Work with our Police Department to Keep Our Streets Safe
  • Implement Fiscally Responsible and sustainable practices
  • Increase accessibility and Transparency
  • Support our Business Community and promote our downtown
  • Advocate for the environmental, social and economic health of Coral Gables

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